Experimenting with sex toys is a wonderful way to improve your sex life and self-care. But part of using sex toys is knowing how to care for them, and how to store them. They’re manufactured to be sturdy and reliable, but they still need to be stored correctly to ensure that they stay that way. Let’s explore how to store your sex toys.

Why Proper Storage Is Essential 

Sex toys are personal items that need to be kept clean, which is why your sex toys also should be stored where they cannot collect dust, lint, or germs. The need for privacy and discretion also adds to why proper sex toy storage is essential. You want them to be safely stored so that they won’t be found by someone you wouldn’t want to see them!

Storage Tips For Sex Toys

Whether you store your toys in a fabric bag or a locked box, here are some tips worth considering: 

Sex Toy Storage Boxes
A dedicated box for storage is a great place to start. Your sex toys are important to you, and like any collection, you’ll want to keep them together so that you can choose your pleasure whenever you’re in the mood. In storage boxes specifically designed for sex toys, you can also keep all lubes, lotions, and chargers together as well. This way, you have everything you need stored all in one place.

Toys Made Of Different Materials Should Be Kept Separate 
Sex toys are made out of porous, and non-porous materials, so it’s important to store toys of the same materials together to prevent “melting” or damage to the surface of your toys. Sex toys can be made out of silicon, glass, metal, or jelly. Jelly toys, for example, can leak phthalates, which can cause damage to your other toys. To be safe, store your jelly toys together, your silicon toys together, and so on.

Remove Batteries Before Storing 

If you enjoy sex toys of the battery-powered variety, then you don’t want to be caught with your pants down — so to speak — without any working batteries! When you leave batteries inside your sex toys in between use, your toy can deplete battery life during storage. Batteries can also leak and cause damage if you don’t remove them. 

Say goodbye to throwing your toy into a bedside drawer when you’re done with it, your sex toys deserve better — and so do you! If you want to enjoy your sex toys, using the right storage is essential. If you have questions about how to store your sex toys, please reach out to WST Australia today!

November 30, 2023 — Jack Brennan

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