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What Are Thrusting Vibrators?

A thrusting vibrator is not just a regular sex toy that vibrates. These are sex toys that can actually move while you’re using them! It is a penetrative toy with a vibrating function to stimulate heightened pleasure, but it is also manufactured with a motor that moves it in and out of your body. They are enjoyed by both men and women, and can be used vaginally or anally.

Why Choose A Thrusting Vibrator?

What sets a thrusting vibrator apart from traditional vibrators is its unique feature of moving back and forth, mimicking the motions of penetrative sex. This adds a whole new level of intensity and pleasure to your self-pleasure routine. It can also be used with partners, and can even be attached to strap-on models, to make the penetrative sex feel intense and realistic.

Why Choose WST Australia’s Thrusting Vibrators

Our collection of thrusting vibrators includes a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, allowing you the freedom to choose the perfect toy that will be just right for your preferences and your body. These toys mimic penetrative sex perfectly, and are made from body-safe materials, so you can enjoy them without a worry. From sleek silicone models to realistic designs with lifelike textures, we have something for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How To Use A Thrusting Vibrator 

These toys are easy to use. All you have to do is insert the toy, turn it on, and enjoy. The thruster does all the work, so you can lay back and relax, or stimulate other areas. 

Are Thrusting Vibrators Noisy?

Because thrusting vibrators contain a mechanised motor that moves the thruster, it can be noisy when turned on. However, once inserted, the noise level is reduced drastically, allowing you to enjoy your new toy in privacy.

Choose something fun and special just for you from WST Australia’s range of thrusting vibrators. Our range includes the popular and well-known brands Pretty Love and LaViva, so you can trust that the toy you choose will provide the pleasure and relief you’re looking for. Contact us about our thrusting vibrators today!