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What Is A Remote Control Sex Toy?

Simply put, it is a sex toy that is controlled with a remote. They can be lots of fun and provide incredible sexual pleasure. But what makes them special, is that they can be controlled remotely by someone else, like your partner. 

Why Should You Try A Remote Control Sex Toy?

Remote controlled sex toys can make for an extremely fun and steamy night with your partner! For many women, not having control of their own stimulation makes their pleasure much more enjoyable. Being at the mercy of their partner, and receiving pleasure when you don’t expect it, can turn sex into a new and surprising shared activity. 

Hand Over Control 

With a remote control vibrator, you can hand the reins over to your partner and spice up your sex life. It can be very stimulating not knowing when the vibrations are on the way, and this is a great way to give up control. All you have to do is lay back and enjoy the waves of pleasure that come your way when you least expect them. 

Explore New Sensations 

When masturbating or having sex, it’s easy to fall into regular habits. Going through the motions will result in a satisfying orgasm, but that’s not all sex is about! While the destination is reaching orgasm, sex is about the whole journey, and you don’t want enjoyment or excitement to fade. Remote control vibrators offer the opportunity to explore new sensations while doing something new, fun, and different.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Remote Control Sex Toys Discreet?

Yes! A great feature of remote control vibrators is that they can be used anywhere, because they’re small, easy to conceal, and silent.

What Kinds Of Remote Control Sex Toys Are There?

There are a number of types of remote control vibrators available, such as vibrating butt plugs, clitoris stimulators, and even vibrating panties! There’s something for everyone, so browse our range at WST Australia.

Can I Use This Toy By Myself?

Absolutely. Remote control sex toys can add spice to the bedroom with your partner, but they can also be used in solo play, where you have all the control. 

Try something new on your own, or give control of your pleasure over to your partner with remote control vibrators from WST Australia. We stock clitoral stimulators, butt plugs, and even strap-ons! Chat to us about our collection of sex toys for women today.