Sex toys are wonderful for providing pleasure and stress relief. You can use them on your own, or with a partner. However, some women prefer to practise discretion and privacy when it comes to enjoying their sex toys. Whether you’re hiding them from their roommates, cleaning services, or their little ones, it’s good to have a few discreet and safe hiding places for your sex toy. 

Lockable Storage 

Hiding your sex toys means ensuring that no one can find them at all. Something as simple as installing a locking mechanism to the draw on your bedside table, or buying a lockable box, will sort out any stress about someone finding your sex toy. 

Shoe Boxes 

Shoe boxes have been trusted storage options for many years, and not just for shoes! They’re easy to store in the back of a closet, and can be stacked with other shoe boxes. If anyone found your shoe boxes, they wouldn’t think about going through them at all! Therefore, your sex toy will be safe. 

A Suitcase 

A suitcase may sound like an odd hiding place, but it’s a good spot to hide your sex toy. Suitcases are generally packed away where they aren’t easily accessible, because they aren’t in use all the time. That means that no one will accidentally find your sex toy in a suitcase at the top of your cupboard because there’s less risk of them looking for your luggage in the first place. You can even keep your toy in a locked box inside the suitcase, providing you with the excuse that the lockbox is there, ready for your next travelling adventure. 

A Fabric Draw-String Bag 

Fabric or organza bags are great for storing jewellery or watches. But what about your sex toys? Some toys are small in size, like vibrating bullets, cock rings, or nipple clamps. Hiding them in a fabric draw-string bag makes them easy to conceal in a sock draw, or in between your winter jerseys.

Unconventional Hiding Spots 

If none of these hiding spots work for you, there are a number of other hiding spots to choose from, albeit unconventional ones. Inside a tissue box is a great one, as the tissues will keep your toy cushioned, and can be used for cleanup! Unless you have a sickly guest or roommate, most people won’t use your tissues, and won’t think to look through them! Other unconventional hiding spots can include inside your sock drawer. Or, because men generally stay away from feminine products, inside a box of tampons is a wonderful place to hide your toy if you have a nosy brother! 

If you’re concerned about the prying eyes of your children, or a guest stumbling across your sex toy, you don’t have to worry any longer! There are tons of ways to hide your sex toys if you want to protect your privacy. If you have questions about safe storage options for your sex toy, contact WST Australia today!

December 02, 2023 — Jack Brennan

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