Women who enjoy intimate pleasure, do we have something special for you! Introducing the finger vibrator, one of the most playful and fun toys to be enjoyed on your own or with a partner. 

The finger vibrator, placed on any of the erogenous zones, is sure to create a night you’ll never forget. Let’s explore why this adult toy is one that you should definitely add to your collection. 

What Is A Finger Vibrator?

Small and discreet in design, the finger vibrator is a sex toy worn on your finger for use. Although there are many different variations in the finger vibrator design, they all perform the same task — stimulating erogenous zones internally and externally. Some finger vibrators slip onto your finger like a glove, while others have a clip or hook that are hooked onto any finger, in any position, of your choosing. Used in sensual massage, it can be directed to the nipples, clitoris, perineum, vagina, scrotum, or anywhere else that feels good! 

If you want to keep things interesting in your love life, they’re a fun and easy way to use, either by yourself or with a partner. Their non-phallic, small and discreet design also make them great to use when you’re travelling or on the go. They’re also wonderful for women with sensitive clitorises, vaginal dryness, and older women.  

How Does A Finger Vibrator Work?

If you’re someone who enjoys the intimacy of pleasuring yourself with your hands or fingers, instead of a toy, then the finger vibrator is the next best alternative that combines the best of both worlds. 

Using the finger vibrator is relatively straightforward, all you have to do is slip it on and place it where it feels good. However, there are tons of ways to use it if you’re feeling comfortable experimenting and exploring new ways to orgasm with this toy. Using powerful vibrations and ribbed textures on its surface, this toy can take your orgasms from 0-100 in no time at all. It enhances the pleasure of finger play, whether you’re using it as foreplay, or to take yourself to completion, more so than if you were only using your finger. Sure, in a pinch your fingers can do the trick, but remember — your finger is smooth, and doesn’t vibrate. And the power of vibrations against your clitoris or vagina cannot be understated!

Why You Should Try A Finger Vibrator 

Although finger vibrators are waterproof, powerful, and fun to use, they’re often neglected for more impressive, well-known and phallic sex toys, which is such a shame! They’re wonderful for solo or couple’s play, and can be enjoyed by men and women.

If you want a surefire way to steam up your sex life and enhance your orgasms, then here are a few more reasons why you should try a finger vibrator for yourself: 

Quiet Satisfaction 

For those who value privacy and discretion, the finger vibrator is an excellent choice. When you’re seeking relief in the privacy of your room, when you’re travelling or just want some quick fun, the last thing you need is to use a toy that produces loud sounds as it vibrates. 

The finger vibrator is silent and discreet as opposed to other, more popular clitoral vibrators, allowing you to enjoy yourself more confidently and comfortably without being heard.

They Don’t Look like Your Average Toy 

If you’re worried about someone finding your sex toy, then the finger vibrator can be quite unrecognisable! Most sex toys are big and long, designed to be phallic in shape. That means they can be blatantly obvious to recognise for what they are. With finger vibrators, their shape and design are totally different, allowing you additional privacy. People won’t know that it’s your sex toy if they don’t recognise it as one! 

They’re Easy To Hide, Or Store

Do you struggle to hide your sex toys from prying eyes? Finger vibrators are much easier to hide in comparison to dildos, simply because they’re so much smaller. You’d have better luck hiding or storing your finger vibrator in your bedside table or in a sock, without it being spotted easily. 

Its size also means it is unintrusive. You can use it to stimulate your clitoris while having penetrative sex with your partner. It won’t get in the way, and your orgasms will be much better and more satisfying.

Its Vibrations Enhance Sexual Pleasure

Finger vibrators might be small, but their vibrations are mighty! If you want to enjoy more powerful orgasms, this toy will get you there. 

Finger Play Can Be Diverse And Exciting 

As mentioned, many women enjoy finger play, whether they’re alone or with a partner. The finger vibrator can be used to stimulate the clitoris alone, or in conjunction with other penetrative stimulation during sex. It can be used internally, or externally as well. If you’re looking for a toy that can be used in a number of different ways, the finger vibrator is it! 

The finger vibrator is all about diverse, sensual arousal. It’s a toy that shouldn’t be overlooked, especially for those who love finger play! If you’re interested in trying out a finger vibrator, then contact WST Australia.

October 18, 2023 — Jack Brennan

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