Sexual wellness and empowerment has evolved, and at the core of this evolution are electric sex toys. These innovative devices have seen a surge in popularity, especially among women looking for new avenues of sexual exploration, pleasure, and health. If you're navigating the landscape of self-love and intimacy, here's why electric sex toys should be your first choice:

1. Power to the Pleasure: Vibrations That Hit the Spot

A significant appeal of electric sex toys is their power. Unlike manual toys, electric models provide a consistent and powerful vibration that is difficult to replicate naturally. For women who have difficulty reaching orgasm, the intensity of electric toys can be a game-changer. Their targeted and variable settings mean that every woman can find the perfect level of stimulation for their individual needs, giving stronger, more satisfying orgasms.

2. A Boost for the Libido: Increasing Sexual Desire and Activity

Because life today is so busy and stressful, it's not uncommon for libido to nosedive, but fortunately, electric sex toys are a wonderful way to reignite the flames of passion. Their stimulation can be so effective that more regular sexual activity is encouraged, which in turn can result in a higher sex drive. For women who find it difficult to get aroused, using an electric toy can jump-start the process and pave the way for enjoyable and fulfilling intimate experiences — solo or with a partner.

3. Explore without Inhibition: Safe Space for Sexual Experimentation

Electric sex toys provide a safe environment for sexual exploration. They allow women to discover what they truly enjoy without the social or emotional pressures that can often accompany some sexual experiences. This freedom to explore can lead to improved sexual self-awareness and help women articulate their desires and preferences to their partners, contributing to better communication and therefore, better sex!

4. Stress Relief: Orgasms are the Best Medicine

The old adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” could easily be replaced with “an orgasm a day keeps the stress at bay” when it comes to the health benefits of electric sex toys. Orgasms release an amazing cocktail of feel-good hormones, which alleviate stress and boost your mood. Using an electric sex toy can, therefore, provide a natural, effective stress relief that has positive ripple effects on overall health and well-being.

5. Better Sleep: The Orgasmic Lullaby

Did you know? The relaxation that follows a satisfying orgasm can even provide a better night's sleep! Think about it — for women who find it hard to switch their brains off at night, the stress-relief, physical exertion and happy-hormone cocktail are the perfect ingredients to get you nodding off. By providing a release for tension and a means to chemical relaxation, these toys can be a welcome addition to bedtime rituals, resulting in a more restful and rejuvenating sleep.

6. Pelvic Floor Empowerment: Strengthening Muscles with Kegel Balls

The benefits of electric sex toys extend beyond pleasure; some can actively contribute to better sexual health. Kegel toys, for example, are designed to help women strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. The vibrational element of many modern kegel toys makes the exercise more enjoyable and can result in improved bladder control, intensified orgasms, and even a tighter, more toned vaginal canal. If you’re looking for something like this, the LaViva Kegel Egg is a great option!

7. Intimate Connection: Enhancing Partnered Play

Electric sex toys can be a great addition to partnered play, enhancing the experiences and bringing couples closer together. Sharing the use of an electric toy can introduce new dynamics into the relationship, adding a spark of novelty and excitement. With products such as remote-control vibrators, couples can explore stimulation in a fun, teasing way, together.

8. Tailored to Tastes: A Vibrator for Every Vagina

The market for electric sex toys is vast and varied, ensuring there is a vibrator for every taste and need. Whether one is looking for a clitoral, G-spot, or blended orgasm, there are toys designed specifically for each. Modern vibrators often come with a range of settings, materials, and features that allow for a personalised experience, catering to a wide spectrum of desires.

9. Sustainability in Sexuality: Conserving Environmental Resources

With a greater focus on sustainability, it's worth noting that electric sex toys can be a greener alternative. By investing in a quality toy, you can significantly reduce the waste produced from the constant replacement of batteries in traditional models. Many electric sex toys are also made from body-safe, long-lasting materials, meaning they are a sustainable choice for the environment and personal use.

10. The Future of Female Empowerment: Breaking Taboos and Opening Dialogues

Finally, electric sex toys play an important role in the ongoing conversation around female sexual empowerment. By normalising the use of these devices, women are challenging long-held societal taboos and creating a culture where sexual pleasure is celebrated and discussed openly. This has far-reaching implications for the confidence and sexual freedom of women everywhere.

Electric sex toys offer a wealth of opportunities for women to learn, grow, and find joy in their sexual experiences. It's time to recognise and celebrate these tools for the integral parts of our lives that they are—helping women to achieve greater pleasure, health, and intimacy. If you’re looking for electric sex toys that will take your partnered or solo-play to new heights, contact WST Australia.

April 01, 2024 — Jack Brennan

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